Earth Science

The following resources are relevant to the study of Earth Science.
Titles with call numbers (e.g. 551.41) are physical items located in the Portage College Learning Commons-Library.

Topic Resources

Cambridge Core Science Series: Geobasics (eVideo)
Core geology (DVD) 551 COR 2007
Dictionary of geology and earth sciences (eBook)
Dictionary of physical geography (eBook)
Essential Earth 551 JOR 2012
Geology (eBook)
Geosystems: an introduction to physical geography 910.02 CHR 2006
Glossary of geology 550.3 GLO 1997
Handy geology answer book (eBook)
How the Earth was made series (eVideo)
Nature of Earth: an introduction to geology (DVD) 550 NAT 2006
Our planet Earth (eVideo)
Student's elements of geology (eBook)
Visual guides. Understanding the Earth (eBook)
Why geology matters: decoding the past, anticipating the future (eBook)


Fundamentals of geomorphology 551.41 HUG 2011
Geomorphology: a Canadian perspective 551.410971 TRE 2010
Introducing geomorphology: a guide to landforms and processes (eBook)
Landscapes and geomorphology: a very short introduction 551.41 GOU 2010



Earth science. Earth materials and resources (eBook)
Encyclopedia of sediments and sedimentary rocks (eBook)
Field guide to rocks and minerals 549.1 POU 1996
Handbook of mineralogy (eBook)
Identifying minerals (Youtube video)
Introduction to igneous rocks (Youtube video)
Introduction to sedimentary rocks (Youtube video)
Metamorphic rocks (Youtube video)
Minerals (eBook)
Phillip's minerals, rocks & fossils (eBook)
Rocks & minerals 552 JON 2000
Rocks & minerals (5 Youtube videos)
Rocks and minerals 549 PEL 2000
Rocks and minerals (eVideo)
Rocks and minerals (Youtube video)
Simon & Schuster's guide to rocks and minerals 549 SIM 1978

Geologic time scale/Dating of rocks:

Dating; Geochronology (online encyclopedia article)
Dating rocks and fossils using geologic methods (online article)
Geochronology (eBook chapter)
Geological time scale (eBook chapter)
Radiometric dating: geological time (Youtube video)
Relative dating of rock layers (Youtube video)

Earth Structure and Processes

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