Food Science and Technology

Turn up the heat on a great career.

Develop an understanding of nutrition and food science take courses such as food processing, food chemistry and food safety and gain hands on experience with lab work. The Food Science and Technology Diploma is an interesting mix of culinary creation and scientific investigation. focus on business operations and food product development. Take advanced level courses in food processing, preservation, packaging, hygiene and quality control and prepare for employment with a four-week practicum.

Career Potential
Some career options as a graduate of the program:

  • Research Chef - create new foods for restaurants and food manufacturers
  • Food Safety Specialist - make sure the food your community eats is safe
  • Food Product Developer - create new foods for manufacturing on a mass scale
  • Food Packaging Technologist - create new ideas for packaging food and drinks
  • Food Quality Controller - make sure the food we eat meets industry specification

Admission Requirements

Recommended: Grade 12 Education with Chemistry 30 or Biology 30

Minimum: Grade 12 Education with Chemistry 20 or Biology 20, Math 30 or 33 or Math 30-1 or 30-2, or Math 30 Applied or Pure, ELA 30-1 or English 30, ELA30-2 or English 33. 

*Additionally, to either listed above, it is required that you have basic computer skills, as well as a knowlege in internet and email usage*

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