Forward your e-mail

How do I forward e-mail from my Portage College mymail account to another e-mail address?

While in your mymail account,

1. Click on "File."

2. Click on "Manage Rules & Alerts."

3. Click "New Rule" on the "Email Rules" tab.

4. Select "Apply rule on messages I receive" under the "Start from a a blank rule" header and click "Next" to continue.

5. Choose which conditions you want to to apply this rule to. For example, you may want to forward emails that come from a specific person or contain a specific subject. You can skip this if you want to forward all emails.

6. Click "Next" to continue.

7. Check the "Forward to people or public group" box.

8. Click on the blue "People or public group" text under Step 2.

9. Enter the email address you want to forward emails to in the "To" field and click "OK."

10. Click "Finish."

11. Click "OK" to apply the rule.

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