Portage College students receive a financial boost thanks to Lac La Biche County!

March 5, 2020

Holly Morrisseau and Morgwn Martin are in their second year of Natural Resources Technology (NRT). They were both knee-deep in studies but made time to apply for a bursary that would help ease some of the financial pressure of being a full-time student.

Each applied for a $1,000 bursary offered by Lac La Biche County’s Agricultural Service Board (ASB), provided for students who are enrolled in an environmental services program related to the agriculture industry.

Applicants were asked to submit a letter, their transcripts, academic goals and future plans. “I couldn’t believe it!” says Morgwn. “I’m super proud!” beams Holly. Adding to the surprise, neither Holly nor Morgwn knew that the other had applied for the same bursary! They were invited to Lac La Biche County Council Chambers  in February as honorary guests where they each received their $1,000 award and certificate.

Both students already have their sights set on their future careers. Holly’s goal is to take what she learned in the NRT program and continue working with watershed management, “Watersheds help filter our lakes and promote healthy soils,” she says. “Last summer I worked with the County doing water testing.”

Morgwn intends to focus on environmental sustainability, using what she learned and putting it into practice. “I want to keep our ecological environment healthy,” she says.

The NRT program gives graduates real world experiences and training in everything from working with the forestry industry, oil and gas, water and waste water management and wildlife and land reclamation.

Holly and Morgwn 
2nd Year Natural Resource Technology Students Holly Morrisseau and Morgwn Martin

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