Exam Invigilation

Examination rooms are located at the following Portage College Campuses: Lac La Biche and Cold Lake.

Cold Lake Hours: Monday through Thursday 5 - 9 pm (no service on weekends, statutory holidays or blackout periods)
Lac La Biche Hours: Monday through Thursday 9 am - 5 pm, Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm (no service on weekends, statutory holidays or blackout periods)


  • The invigilator distributes, supervises, collects and returns the completed exam to the student's institution. Invigilation/proctoring is provided for both online and print exams.
  • If exams or other documents are to be mailed back, a pre-paid package will need to be provided by the student or their institution.
  • The cost of all printing, other than the exam/instructions, is the responsibility of the student/institution.
  • Invigilators/Proctors cannot invigilate exams for relatives, friends, neighbours, coworkers, and people residing at their address of residence.
  • All exams are to be sent directly to our exam centre, via mail or email. Students are responsible for making arrangements with their institutions.
  • Students are required to contact us a week ahead to confirm booking/exam delivery.
  • Personal belongings, such as cellular phones, books (unless open-book exam), coats, etc., are not allowed in the exam room.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled exam time.  You must present valid government photo ID at the time of examination.
  • Please note: Invigilators/Proctors have the right to refuse proctoring/invigilating exams if conditions cannot be met or guiding principles cannot be adhered to.

Fee schedule:

Mandatory Administration fee: $25.00 (waived if examination is for the same course)
Hourly rate: $25.00/hour (no refund if student finishes before his/her time is up)

  • Lac La Biche: Debit, credit card and cash payments are to be paid at the Student Services department before the exam. To pay your exam fees over the phone, call Student Accounts at 780-623-5706. Ask for your receipt number and provide the number to the invigilator before or at the exam day.
  • Cold Lake: Debit or credit card payments are to be paid through the Learning Commons (at the Cold Lake main desk from July 1 to August 14/17.)
  • Invoicing is available for institutions.

To book an exam in Lac La Biche, email library@portagecollege.ca or call 780 623-5755. To book an exam in Cold Lake,  email or call 780 639-7128.


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