Portage College has joined forces with MyCreds™ | MesCertif™, powered by Digitary, a prominent digital credential platform specializing in certifying, sharing, and verifying academic credentials. MyCreds™ is under the ownership of the Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada (ARUCC) and serves as a national credential wallet designed by Canadian higher education leadership for post-secondary learners.

This wallet grants you the ability to access and share your digitized and portable post-secondary transcripts and credentials at your convenience, from any location. Documents issued through this network are not only authentic but also tamper-evident and legally valid.

For general inquiries about MyCreds™, a comprehensive FAQ is available, covering topics such as registration and login procedures, profile settings and accounts, charges and payments, and document content. Additionally, there are instructional videos crafted to guide you through the process if it's your first time utilizing MyCreds™.

How to access MyCreds™

Current Students and Recent Graduates
When a document has been issued to you by Portage College via MyCreds™️ you will receive an email to your Portage College email account. Follow the instructions in the email to register and access your MyCreds™️ documents.

Alumni and Previous Students
If you were a student prior to the 2023-2024 academic year, email to ask for access to MyCreds™. Portage College will provide you with a link to create or sign in to your MyCreds™ account. Follow the instructions in the email to register and access your MyCreds™ documents.

For additional details, please view the MyCreds™ Frequently Asked Questions for Learners.  

Portage College FAQs

Yes. Documents in your MyCreds™ digital wallet are secure and can only be viewed by you and those who you share links with.

When a document is issued to you, you will receive an email to your Portage College email account. Follow the instructions provided in this email to access your document.

If you are an alum, you will receive an email to the address that you provided when you requested your student document.

Any fees for documents are credits for viewing or sharing the document. For example:

Transcripts - $10 fee. There are no additional fees for future views or shares.

Letters of Completion - $10 fee. There are no additional fees for future views or shares.

Parchments – No charge. There are no for views or shares.

When you share a document such as a transcript through MyCredsTM, you are sending it to an institution, organization, or recipient through a secure, digitally certified message. You may share a document when applying to a post-secondary or for employment purposes.

For additional information on sharing documents, please see the MyCredsTM Frequently Asked Questions for Learners.

Documents are cryptographically signed to prevent tampering. Once you authorize the release of your information, MyCreds™ | MesCertif™ shares it with them through a secure, trusted network, eliminating third parties. Unlike paper, digital transcripts are more efficient.

For complete details on the process, please see the MyCreds™ Frequently Asked Questions for Learners, which include How-To Videos.

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