Caught Up In A Case
April 4, 2022

“I’m still shaking. We’re done, we’ve submitted, we debriefed and I’m still shaking. Nothing can prepare you for the nerves. The nerves are always there. You come into the case and you have no idea who the company is. You have no idea who you are up against and it’s literally like, here is your case. Go. Good luck.” 

Third year Business Administration (BA) student Kelly Orr is on her way to a Degree in Management (NAIT) and is one of five students specifically selected by program faculty to battle for Portage College in the Alberta Deans of Business Case Competition. She and fellow teammates Lara Cardinal-Thom, Mariam Kabonesa, Jake Mosich and Katie Pankhurst all recognize participating is something that will set them up for future success.

The competition gives students the opportunity to put their business theory and skills into practice for a real company while challenging teams from other colleges and universities. “I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to have an edge in their post-secondary education” says second year BA Management student Katie.

Offices become war rooms and from 8:30am to 10pm team members work hard. Together they analyze the case study, identify areas of improvement and create a presentation to articulate their recommendations to the company owner and a panel of judges. The next day, students face a question period and time of anxious waiting before the winners are revealed.

As for the results, “I wanted them to succeed so badly” exclaims recent BBA graduate Dylan Craig who helped coach the team and competed last year to win first place. To those participating this year, he says, “I know that this opportunity and experience is going to open up doors for them that they aren’t even aware of yet.”

Second year BA Accounting student Mariam sees the benefit too. “I wasn’t really sad or disappointed,” comparing not placing in the competition to a soccer game. “Even though you are losing you can walk out of there feeling confident and happy that you actually gave your all – so it’s one of those things you are proud of.”

Portage College Business Case 2022 Team
Business Case Competition Team. Lara Cardinal-Thom, Katie Pankhurst, Mariam Kabonesa, Kelly Orr and Jake Mosich

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